EPUB-FHD.ATHABASCAU.CA uses the open source Pressbooks simple e-publishing system for creation and distribution of scholarly electronic literature and resources in online and offline formats such as:

  • HTML (web browsers)
  • EPUB (ebook readers)
  • PDF (digital and print distribution)

Since 2015, the open educational resources on this server have been provided by the Faculty of Health Disciplines, Athabasca University, Alberta, Canada.

This site is focused on producing quality open academic electronic literature for students, through the collaboration and volunteering of Athabasca University authors, technical support, and external consultant.

This simple e-publishing server is graciously supported by:

Faculty of Health Disciplines Authors

Dr. Sandra Collins – Professor

Dr. Sherri Melrose – Associate Professor and Pilot Project Author

Dr. Sharon Moore – Professor

Dr. Caroline Park – Professor

Dr. Beth Perry – Professor


Faculty of Health Disciplines Technical Team

Tony Mishra – Manager, Learning Technology Team


Student Authors

Mateo Huezo

Steve Swettenham


Honorable mention for technical and research support (2015-2017)

Lawrence Poon


Volunteer Consultant and WordPress/Pressbooks Administrator (2015 – present)

Steve Swettenham