Guide For Prospective EPUB-FHD Authors

3 Steps to start an open source electronic textbook site on EPUB-FHD.ATHABASCAU.CA

  1. Create a unique URL suffix to
    (Tip: keep the suffix short and relevant, while avoiding hyphens and other non-alphabet characters where possible)

    Active Book Site Examples:

  2. Send an email to the EPUB-FHD administrator (sswettenham “at” gmail “dot” com) with the following information:URL suffix
    Prospective Author(s) name and email address

  3. A return email will arrive (usually within 24 hours) to confirm book site setup providing above designated author(s) with administrative privileges to the URL suffix. (Caveat – prospective authors must have a confirmed association with Athabasca University)


For all other prospective individuals and organizations external to Athabasca University, the EPUB-FHD administrator (sswettenham “at” gmail “dot” com) will address inquiries as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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