Guide for Learners

There is no login to access the open educational resources. The e-literature can be freely accessed any time from any where with an Internet connection.

The content on this server can be read online by web browsers and different computing devices, from desktops to smartphones. Download of content is available where authors have provided export files on their respective site pages (e.g. in multiple formats, such as PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and Open Document.

Guide For Prospective Authors

3 Steps to Joining Our e-Publishing Incubator

  1. Create a unique URL suffix to
    (Tip: keep the suffix short and relevant, while avoiding hyphens and other non-alphabet characters where possible)

    Active Book Site Examples:
  2. Send an email to the EPUB-FHD administrator (sswettenham “at” gmail “dot” com) with the proposed URL suffix + Prospective Author(s) + e-literature administrator email address.
  3. A return email will arrive (usually within 24 hours) to confirm book site setup providing above designated author(s) with access to the URL suffix. (Caveat – prospective authors must have a confirmed association with Athabasca University)

For all other prospective individuals and organizations external to Athabasca University, the EPUB-FHD administrator (sswettenham “at” gmail “dot” com) will address inquiries as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.


You may to get started with the 4 Step Guide to Making a Book on Pressbooks.

Alternatively, you can review the Guide to Using Pressbooks.

An open resource collection list of useful readings are found in the external resources section of MEM.